July reading round-up

# of books read: 15 audiobooks listened to: 3 graphic novels read: 2 total page count: 4,402 year total page count: 28,874 This was a crazy month, and despite having a week of vacation, it wasn't exactly *restful* vacation.  Plus with all the running around for the summer reading program at my library, and planning for … Continue reading July reading round-up

May reading round-up

# of books read: 21 audiobooks listened to: 5 ARCs read: 1 total page count: 4,538 year total page count: 20,077 I managed to get tons of reading done this month!  My favorite reads of the month were Bang by Barry Lyga (about a boy who shot and killed his younger sister when he was a toddler), … Continue reading May reading round-up

January reading round-up

# of books read: 20 audiobooks listened to: 5 ebooks read: 6 nonfiction read: 2 ARCs read: 1 books from the Experiment in Terror series: 4 books from the White Cat series: 3 vintage YA: 3 total page count: 4,376 I did a ton of reading this month. In newer releases, I finished up Bellevue: Three Centuries of Medicine and Mayhem at … Continue reading January reading round-up

back when YA was an afterschool special

"Vintage" young adult books fall into only a few genres, and I've just had the pleasure (?) of reading a few that fit the "Afterschool Special" genre.  This breed of YA is rarely seen for today's teens.  Reading these books is like being hit over the head with the book's Very Special Message. The Wave (1981), … Continue reading back when YA was an afterschool special

Cheerleaders in YA Horror

Cheerleaders have been representing the "mean girl" since before the term was coined.  While during the 80s teen literature was full of the popular girls and the girls who wanted to be popular - think Sweet Valley High and the "Cheerleaders" series - once teen horror blew up in the late 80s and early 90s, cheerleaders … Continue reading Cheerleaders in YA Horror

Review: a bunch of Awful Library Books

Found in my box at work: 1. Make-Up Monsters by Marcia Lynn Cox (1976) So, this looks innocent enough.  That's until you open it up. Disease Face?  Is that a kind of monster?  Never mind the fact that this kid looks like his face is covered in oatmeal, glued on with corn syrup... Oh, wait. … Continue reading Review: a bunch of Awful Library Books

Review: Tightrope

Tightrope by Gillian Cross Summary: Ashley - who chooses the name "Cindy" when she tags her graffiti - discovers someone is stalking her by sending weird notes and bits of liver and sheep skulls. Ashley draws the attention of Joe, the court jester to the street king Eddie Beale, and though Ashley is the "good girl", … Continue reading Review: Tightrope