The Robyn Schneider formula

I've only read two books by Robyn Schneider, but I'm already sensing a formula! Robyn Schneider writes contemporary YA romances with heart.  I really enjoyed both The Beginning of Everything and Extraordinary Means, and I'm looking forward to reading her upcoming book, Invisible Ghosts.  I imagine it will follow this formula: Begin with a personal … Continue reading The Robyn Schneider formula

November reading round-up

# of books read: 10 audiobooks listened to: 3 total page count: 1,782 year total page count: 38,498 / 40,280 I didn't get as much reading in as I would have liked this month, because I was busy Nanowrimo'ing. At the beginning of the month I was still working my way through this stack … Continue reading November reading round-up

July reading round-up

# of books read: 15 audiobooks listened to: 3 graphic novels read: 2 total page count: 4,402 year total page count: 28,874 This was a crazy month, and despite having a week of vacation, it wasn't exactly *restful* vacation.  Plus with all the running around for the summer reading program at my library, and planning for … Continue reading July reading round-up

June reading round-up

# of books read: 16 audiobooks listened to: 2 graphic novels read: 8 total page count: 4,395 year total page count: 24,472 A large portion of my month was spent reading 2 books by Cassandra Clare. The first was Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy, which I picked up mainly because I've been meaning to read … Continue reading June reading round-up

May reading round-up

# of books read: 21 audiobooks listened to: 5 ARCs read: 1 total page count: 4,538 year total page count: 20,077 I managed to get tons of reading done this month!  My favorite reads of the month were Bang by Barry Lyga (about a boy who shot and killed his younger sister when he was a toddler), … Continue reading May reading round-up

March reading round-up

# of books read: 14 audiobooks listened to: 3 ebooks read: 3 books from the Throne of Glass series: 2 graphic novels: 3 total page count: 3,998 year total page count: 12,251 Well, I still haven't beat that crazy reading streak I had in January.  It does seem that I'm reading roughly 4,000 pages a month, … Continue reading March reading round-up

February reading round-up

# of books read: 17 audiobooks listened to: 3 ebooks read: 6 ARCs read: 2 books from the Throne of Glass series: 2 graphic novels: 4 total page count: 3,877 year total page count: 8,253 Well, not so many books read as last month, but a lot of that has to do with February being 3 days shorter … Continue reading February reading round-up