poll: Wolf Point cover redesign

I've been struggling with creating a cover for Warriors, the final book in the Wolf Point series.  I've also been struggling with writing it, but here's the thing: I love to have a cover before I start writing. In trying to come up with a cover, I want to keep the covers consistent across the … Continue reading poll: Wolf Point cover redesign

January 2018 reading round-up

# of books read: 11 audiobooks listened to: 2 Leigh Bardugo books read: 3 total page count: 3,517 pages year total page count: 3,517 pages Last year I read a total of 174 books!  My goal was only 100, so I don't feel like I'm rushing to complete my Goodreads challenge.  This month was a … Continue reading January 2018 reading round-up

Hitchhikers is featured on Wattpad!

Since Amazon changed things, I haven't been able to list Hitchhikers as free - not a huge problem, since you can download the Kindle format of Hitchhikers for free over on Smashwords.  It isn't exactly ideal, and because Hitchhikers is not exclusive to Kindle (I want people to be able to download whatever format they need!) … Continue reading Hitchhikers is featured on Wattpad!

3 on a theme: you’re my reincarnated love (and my name is probably Daniel)

Usually my 3 on a theme posts involve books read close together or even concurrently.  In this case, however, it was more a feeling, much like the heroines of these stories, that I had read this before. In Fallen by Lauren Kate, the main character Luce finds herself drawn to Daniel, a broody type who … Continue reading 3 on a theme: you’re my reincarnated love (and my name is probably Daniel)

December reading round-up

# of books read: 13 audiobooks listened to: 2 graphic novels read: 3 total page count: 3,954 year total page count: 44,234 Lots more reading this month!  Especially since I hardly wrote anything!  Did some editing and wrote a couple of chapters, but otherwise I've been busy reading... https://www.instagram.com/p/BcIsmg5lFqE I'm not sure how my coworker … Continue reading December reading round-up

all the free books!

There's a huge sale over at Smashwords, which means all my books there are free!  These include: Hitchhikers (Wolf Point #1) - always free! Dreamwalkers (Wolf Point #2) - just use EY100 at checkout Scavengers (Wolf Point #3) - just use EY100 at checkout The Beast (Wolf Point Origins #1) - always free! The Madman (Wolf Point … Continue reading all the free books!

christmas horror story: Silent Night, Deadly Night

This has to be one of the worst holiday horror movie franchises in existence.  It may also be the only holiday horror movie franchise, which makes it that much worse.  Where is Black Christmas 2?  Jack Frost 2?  No one asked for Gingerdead Man and its many sequels but we got them anyway, and that's … Continue reading christmas horror story: Silent Night, Deadly Night