Seven Minutes to Midnight

106270128-352-k624159I am writing this letter to you, even though you don’t know me, because I know you of all people will understand. I know you’ll be able to help me, even if helping means you need to kill me.

Amy and her friends like playing their vampire games, until Lane comes along. Lane makes new rules and the games change, until Amy’s not sure anyone thinks they are games anymore. Soon Amy is afraid… and she’s not sure anyone will believe why.

You can now read this novel over at Wattpad!


Writing Process

(Nanowrimo 2008)


This was the result of 2008’s Nanowrimo. I wrote it as a sort of reaction to Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series (and the ensuing glut of vampire books out now). What if a vampire-obsessed girl met the hot vampire of her dreams… and he wasn’t so nice?

Characters from Bethany Caleb, The Art Kids, and The Wolven: Animal Nature are all mentioned here, as they all take place at the same high school.

Road to Publication

I sent this novel out to many agents during my year of 100 rejections.  Aside from a couple of agents willing to look at the manuscript, it was rejected.  Most seemed hesitant to take on stories about vampires.


I am in the process of writing a sequel to this novel, with the working title Past Midnight. Possibly this will end up as a trilogy.

Cover Story

Seven Minutes to Midnight

My first vision for this cover was a moon with a clock face… which looked super cheesy.  I wasn’t too concerned with making it look great, hence why this is super cheesy.