Mistaken Identity series

(circa 1996-1997)

I wrote this series of short stories during high school.  They are heavily influenced by Christopher Pike.  At the time I was so proud of them because they were my longest pieces of writing (until I wrote More to Tell).  Now, I see that they are also hilarious.

All 5 stories are available to read on my figment page! Figment is now defunct, so unfortunately you can no longer read these masterpieces online.

mistakenidentitycoverMistaken Identity

Please beware of and forgive the melodramatics, overuse of adverbs, and gaping plot holes.



mistakenidentity2coverMistaken Identity 2: The Hospital

The saga continues… Again, keep in mind that I wrote this when I was young, so prepare yourself for a totally unrealistic portrayal of a modern mental hospital.



mistakenidentity3coverMistaken Identity 3: Solitary Confinement

There’s more insanity in store for Alana when she’s put in solitary confinement.



Mistaken Identity 4: The Escapemistakenidentity4cover

Alana/Chelsea/Abby is on the run, and comes down with a bad case of insta-love.



mistakenidentity5coverMistaken Identity 5: The Truth

And the totally inconclusive conclusion… The cover sums it all up.


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