The Seer (Wolf Point, #0.3)

(Camp Nanowrimo / April 2017-June 2017)

fullWolf Point, 1888

Anna Loupe has lived her life with the enemies of her father, abused and married at age thirteen. She escapes by watching the lives of her missing brothers and sister through their bonds.

The Five Families consider her the pack’s last hope. But Anna knows the future: she knows she will only bear sons. The only future she can’t see is her own.




In addition to many of the resources I used when researching and writing Scavengers and The Madman, I also found valuable information on these sites:

I used these sites when naming the Assiniboine/Angry Dog characters, as those characters needed a name in their native language, an English translation of the name, and some of them also needed the Anglicized name (after being forced onto a reservation).  Example: Clare’s husband’s name is Hawawadn Chihikchu, which means Wolf Son, and his Anglicized name is Howard Walker.

Also useful in naming (discovering that often the Lakota/Nakota/Dakota named their babies simply “The Boy” or “The Girl” – which going back to the first link here, you see “Winona” listed as a name meaning “firstborn daughter” – until other names were chosen later on).  Also the birthing process and some child-rearing information.

These two websites details the various burial/funerary practices of the Plains Indians.