The Nostradamus Project


The Nostradamus ProjectCassandra Nostrand just had a nightmare… the worst nightmare she’s ever had. This wouldn’t be a problem, except Cassandra’s dreams have a tendency to come true. No one seems to believe her when she tells them a disaster is on the way, no one except her brother Damius, who has uncovered a dangerous secret: all of the Nostrand children were genetically engineered with DNA from the world’s most famous psychics.

I began planning my 2009 Nanowrimo novel early, polling my friends with a number of ideas.  This was the winner, and I designed the cover before I even began writing.

Unfortunately, it was almost torture to get to the 50,000 word requirement to win Nanowrimo with it. It showed a lot of promise and I really liked the premise, but it devolved into some kind of H.P. Lovecraft rip-off, and all I could think about was working on Hitchhikers. I didn’t even really write the ending – I think I skipped to an epilogue and called it a day. Yikes!