Into the Mist

aka The Mist That Falls At Night

(Nanowrimo 2016)

Eight years ago the fog took her and spit her out. Now, she prepares to go back into the mist and confront the horrors within.

You can read Into the Mist online via Wattpad!


I wrote the first draft of this novel during Nanowrimo 2016. I rewrote it during Nanowrimo 2020.


My idea for this novel came from the Mandela Effect and some vague memories of a novel by Madeleine L’Engle titled An Acceptable Time, in which there were “thin” places in the world where people could cross over into another world. When I heard about the Mandela Effect and the idea that there could be parallel universes so similar to our own that you might not even notice you’ve gone to a different place, and those subtle changes could make you feel like you were going crazy.


I’ve had fun making various covers for this novel, because I love the look of trees in fog, and because this story is very visual.


My first cover was a Canva template, including the template’s title: The Mist That Falls At Night. I changed out the photo, I think, but that was it! I really liked how the text faded into the fog.

My second cover was for Nanowrimo 2020, when I rewrote Into the Mist from scratch. On the Nanowrimo site I titled it Into the Mist 2: Even Mistier, but it was just a second draft (or technically a third, since I did revise the first version before deciding it needed a full rewrite). I found an amazing image through Google Image Search that I used for Nanowrimo, but I don’t have rights to the image.

The Wattpad cover (at the top) was also made in Canva, using an image by Toma Bonciu from Shutterstock.