Mitzi & Oz

Mitzi has the perfect plan to survive life at a new school, but when another new kid shows up and ruins it, Mitzi is determined to hate him. Luckily, a popular girl at school named Shawna Fox wants to be her friend – Mitzi isn’t sure why, but she’s willing to blow her audition for the school vocal concert to have it, especially if it means no one finds out how weird she really is.

Oz doesn’t care what anyone thinks of him, so it doesn’t bother him that Mitzi doesn’t want to be his friend. He has a mission: assemble the greatest rock band ever. If he can get the band geeks on board, he just might be able to show everyone his mad guitar skills at the end of the year concert. There’s only one problem: his lead singer sucks. And his band threatens to quit when he asks Shawna Fox to sing in his band.

When Mitzi and Oz are forced to work together, neither is sure about the other. But they might just have more in common than they thought possible.

Writing Process

November 27, 2018 – May 26, 2019

I used this writing prompt for my teen writers group at the library and found myself curious about the two characters I created. Even though I did the character sketches at the tail end of Nanowrimo 2018, I quickly finished writing We Live in the Dark and immediately started on Mitzi & Oz. Since I began doing Nanowrimo in 2006, I’ve never wanted to start a new project in December. In fact, most Decembers I don’t write at all. But this year I couldn’t stop myself!

It’s been a long time since I wrote a novel completely outside of the constraints of Nanowrimo, and I loved getting familiar with my old method of writing again. I didn’t tell anyone anything about my novel (I referred to it as my “super secret WIP”), did not create a cover, and though I kept track of my word count, I didn’t put myself on a deadline to finish. It was lovely!


I created three playlists specifically for this book:

I also listened to my general writing playlist a lot.


Draft 1 (First Draft, 57,834 words, May 2019)