Christmas in July!: Silent Night continues…

Okay, so remember last Christmas season when I posted about the magnificent (ly awful) Silent Night Deadly Night movie franchise?  Netflix decided* to send me the DVD "Silent Night" (yes, I still have the DVD option on Netflix, because I have quite the backlog of obscure horror movies to watch before I cancel it). Serial … Continue reading Christmas in July!: Silent Night continues…

The Robyn Schneider formula

I've only read two books by Robyn Schneider, but I'm already sensing a formula! Robyn Schneider writes contemporary YA romances with heart.  I really enjoyed both The Beginning of Everything and Extraordinary Means, and I'm looking forward to reading her upcoming book, Invisible Ghosts.  I imagine it will follow this formula: Begin with a personal … Continue reading The Robyn Schneider formula

June 2018 reading round-up

# of books read: 13 audiobooks listened to: 3 ARCs read: 4 total page count: 3,590 pages year total page count: 19,818 pages So, I have a new author I'm binge-reading: Alexandra Bracken! I saw the preview for "The Darkest Minds" movie about a month ago, and I finally got my hands on the … Continue reading June 2018 reading round-up

a love letter to scrivener

Recently I decided to download Scrivener, a software program designed for writers.  I'd been getting half-off codes for Scrivener for the past 10 years or so as part of Nanowrimo's winner prize package.  I figured it could be helpful in writing the last book of the Wolf Point series, to bring together all the information … Continue reading a love letter to scrivener

book birthday, and my birthday!

It's a day to celebrate! Warriors is out today, you can buy it RIGHT NOW over on Amazon! Today is also MY birthday, and to celebrate, I'm offering up a couple of my other books for free.  Bethany Caleb and The Art Kids are two of my earlier novels.  They are available free for Kindle … Continue reading book birthday, and my birthday!

t-minus 4 days until Warriors!

The final book in the Wolf Point series, Warriors, is almost here!  To celebrate, I'm offering the prequel collection, Wolf Point Origins for free.  The prequel collection contains three novellas with tons of backstory so you'll be prepared for Warriors. It's only available for Kindle and only until June 14 - get it now! You can pre-order … Continue reading t-minus 4 days until Warriors!

May 2018 reading round-up

# of books read: 16 audiobooks listened to: 3 graphic novels read: 4 total page count: 3,727 pages year total page count: 16,228 pages Even higher reading totals than last month!  I'm on a roll! As usual, I was pleased to read another Patricia Briggs book.  Burn Bright is the fifth book in the … Continue reading May 2018 reading round-up