Wolf Point Origins

Wolf Point OriginsIncludes three novellas that reveal the history of the Wolf Point Pack and their enemy, Geo: The Beast, The Madman, and The Seer.



These three novellas were originally published separately.  Follow the links below to find out more information about each story.







France, 1764

They say Geo, alpha of the largest werewolf pack in North America, is also the oldest werewolf in existence.

They say he is the legendary Beast of Gevaudan, a monster that killed 128 women and children in France back in the 1700s.

What they say is true.


Montana, 1870

Escaping the havoc wrought by the Beast of Gevaudan, the five families have made a life in the remote forests of the New World. Here Fallon Loupe is one of the oldest werewolves in existence, but his peace is interrupted by war and his paranoia that his old enemy Georges de Soissons has found him.


Wolf Point, 1888

Anna Loupe has lived her life with the enemies of her father, abused and married at age thirteen. She escapes by watching the lives of her missing brothers and sister through their bonds.

The Five Families consider her the pack’s last hope. But Anna knows the future: she knows she will only bear sons. The only future she can’t see is her own.