Warriors (Wolf Point #4)

Warriors cover

Finally Daniel, Kayla, and Zeke are reunited.  But can they work together to defeat Geo?

Leading a pack is harder than Kayla could have imagined and she begins to question her role as alpha. Daniel knows he has a place in the pack–there’s even a prophecy that he’ll save everyone!  But it doesn’t seem like anyone wants him around, not with his anger issues. As the youngest member of the pack, Zeke wants to help as much as he can, and decides to show everyone what he can do.

They each think they’ll be stronger on their own.  But when the unimaginable happens, each pack member must decide whether they will fight against impossible odds.

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Writing Process

(March 2015 – May 2018)

This book was quite difficult to write.  I had never written the final book in a series, and I felt a lot of pressure to wrap up all the plotlines and make the story dramatic enough.

It took a long time to finally realize how I wanted to write this book.  Because the other books in the series were single points-of-view, my options were to have a single first-person narrator (Daniel seemed like the most likely candidate, since he narrated the first book), a third-person narration, or multiple first person narrations.

My first attempt at this book was made in November 2015.  The title was Fighters and was told from Misty’s point of view.  I had thought then that the Wolf Point series would be six books long.  Misty would narrate book 4, Tucker would narrate book 5 (possible title: Traitors), and Remy would narrate the final book.  When I thoroughly failed at writing Fighters, I thought about making the series five books long, with book 5 narrated by Kayla (I could keep the title as Fighters) and the final book narrated by Daniel, making the series a mirror of itself.

I eventually settled on the third option.  I had Daniel, Kayla, and Zeke rotate their POV chapters, with each continuing their journeys of self-discovery.  I also decided to include chapters from the other members of the Wolf Point pack.  Each of these chapters had to encapsulate a bit of that character’s story arc in a complete sort of way.

I wrote the bulk of this book during Camp Nanowrimo in April 2018.  During this month, I attended a writer’s workshop on handling a large cast of characters, which was very helpful.  Because I had such a solid sense of what each character was trying to accomplish and the novel’s structure, this novel required probably the least amount of editing of any of the Wolf Point novels.


The cover design of Warriors necessitated the redesign of the entire series… which I wasn’t actually too upset about.  After five years, the original covers were starting to look dated.


My first cover redesign had the same general style as the original Wolf Point covers: title text on a black strip, cutting through an image of the characters.  Trying to find an image of three teenage-looking people one of whom looks like a girl was extremely difficult.  This image was one of the few I could find that might fit, but it was very small.

Warriors cover

The second cover design looked weird because of how the title was broken up.  I guess I didn’t have to break the title up like this… but overall this cover had a gentle feel to it, at odds with the title being “Warriors”!

The final cover features an image from Stefan Keller on Pixabay.  Uncropped, the image looks a bit sci-fi, but with the moon explosion cropped out, it was perfect.  Three people, a moon, and a cool color scheme.