Bethany Caleb coverBETHANY CALEB

On a clear day in October, Bethany Caleb decided to bring a gun to school. It was only Tuesday.

She has been bullied. Her friends have betrayed her. Now, she holds the power to make them pay. Will she use that power for revenge, or will the gun show her what is really important?

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The new girl has scars on her arms, like mine…

Sophie knows there’s something different about the new girl. Something that seems to be tearing her group of friends apart. When Sophie’s best friend Evan starts dating Laney, it looks like the end of the Art Kids. But maybe Sophie isn’t seeing the whole picture…

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Set against the backdrop of the Midwest, three young werewolves fight against an ancient enemy.


Daniel Connors knows he’s a monster.

He’s been on the run since that terrible night three years ago, when he killed three adult men… including his own father.  Every time he blacks out, someone dies. When a dog begins following him on the road, Daniel begins to feel almost normal, not counting the dreams about his cousin Kayla asking him to return home. “You can save us all,” she tells him.

Daniel knows he can’t save anyone. As he travels through the Midwest, the hitchhiker in Daniel’s head leaves a trail of blood in his wake.  When escape doesn’t seem possible, he will have to decide if his destiny lies home, in Wolf Point.

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Kayla is a dreamwalker.

Not that it’s helped her much. After six months, Daniel left her, and she’s had to return to her mom and aunt and tell them she couldn’t bring him back. To save face, she tells them she couldn’t find him at all. They’ll never find out, right?

She’s ready to go all girlpower and take on Geo’s pack, but her mom and aunt have a Plan B by the name of Remy Loupe, a second cousin twice removed, or something like that. He wants to help, and he thinks Kayla’s dreamwalking skills will come in handy. Geo’s pack has been turning new wolves, and Kayla can find them by walking into their dreams. Kayla’s now a spy.

Unfortunately, she’s a spy who sleeps a lot.

With new members of her pack out there being tortured by Geo, Kayla is ready to take action. Her pack, on the other, isn’t so keen on fighting, and Kayla’s leadership skills aren’t quite as honed as her sarcasm. Can she get her pack to help her, or will she have to go it alone?

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Zeke used to live an isolated life in the woods with his dad, until Daniel Connors came along. Now he’s been turned into a werewolf and committed an awful crime, and what’s more, he’s been kidnapped by an enemy wolf pack.

He will need to use all the survival skills his dad taught him to stay alive… and decide which side he wants to fight for.

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Finally Daniel, Kayla, and Zeke are reunited.  But can they work together to defeat Geo?

Leading a pack is harder than Kayla could have imagined.  She depends on Remy to help teach the new wolves how to be werewolves, and more and more she begins to question her role as alpha.  She’s beginning to think it would be better to turn herself over to Geo and his army.

Daniel knows he has a place in the pack–there’s even a prophecy that he’ll save everyone!  But it doesn’t seem like anyone wants him around, not with his anger issues.

As the youngest member of the pack, Zeke wants to help as much as he can.  When he’s relegated to small chores, he decides he’ll have to give himself more responsibility to show everyone what he can do.

They each think they’ll be stronger on their own.  But when the unimaginable happens, each pack member must decide whether they will fight against impossible odds.

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Wolf Point Origins


Includes three novellas that reveal the history of the Wolf Point Pack and their enemy, Geo: The Beast, The Madman, and The Seer.