Dreamwalkers (Wolf Point #2)

Dreamwalkers cover

Kayla is a dreamwalker, but it hasn’t helped her much. Daniel left her, and instead of returning home with her tail between her legs, she tells her mom and aunt she couldn’t find him at all. They’ll never find out, right?

Her mom and aunt have a Plan B by the name of Remy Loupe. He wants to help, and he thinks Kayla’s dreamwalking skills will come in handy. Geo’s pack has been turning new wolves, and Kayla can find them by walking into their dreams. Kayla’s now a spy.

With new members of her pack out there being tortured by Geo, Kayla is ready to take action. Her pack, on the other, isn’t so keen on fighting, and Kayla’s leadership skills aren’t quite as honed as her sarcasm. Can she get her pack to help her, or will she have to go it alone?

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Writing Process


Word Count Progress:

  • 3/25/12: 5,500 words
  • 6/30/12: ~22,000 words
  • 10/12/12: 27,400 words
  • 2/22/13: 28,211 words
  • 3/15/13: 31,656 words
  • 1/5/14: 40,111 words
  • 1/12/14: 41,790 words
  • 1/25/14: 46,258 words
  • 2/19/14: 50,740 words
  • 3/19/14: 52,666 words
  • 3/29/14: 56,055 words (complete first draft)
  • 5/23/14: 57,799 words (final draft)


Here’s my 8track mix which includes some (but not all) of the following songs:

  • 30 Seconds to Mars – Stranger in a Strange Land
  • Amon Tobin – Dream Sequence
  • Bjork – Army of Me
  • Arcade Fire – Abraham’s Daughter
  • Florence + the Machine – Only If For a Night
  • Lana del Ray – Born to Die
  • Flyleaf – Set Apart This Dream
  • Kate Bush – Running Up That Hill
  • Brokenchord – Lowe

Cover Story

My original cover, made for Camp Nanowrimo 2011

While I liked my original cover design, there wasn’t a whole lot of “design” going on – just a stock image with some text.  The cover also didn’t fit with the design of the first Hitchhikers cover, and I wanted the whole series to have a similar look.  Kayla is described has having light brown hair, so this girl’s hair is a little dark, but overall she has a natural look that fits with my idea of Kayla.  I found both images on http://www.sxc.hu.

Background: “Sunlight sparkling between Tree Trunks in Forest” by Andreas Krappweis

Foreground: “Beautiful Girl 3” by Jason Nelson

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