Waiting Room


Everyone at school knows Andrew Jackson Jennings. Openly gay. Lost an arm in a car accident. Future school shooter.

Everyone at school knows Ryan Sullivan. Football captain. Nice guy. Future valedictorian.

When Andrew ends up in therapy after writing about killing his classmates, he doesn’t expect to find Ryan Sullivan in the waiting room. Turns out there’s more to both of them than everyone at school sees.

You can read this novel over at Wattpad.

Writing Process

(written between August 2015 – March 2017)

Waiting Room began as a fanfiction which you can read over on ao3.  After I received comments like “It’s one of those stories that is original fiction with the character names put on” and the overwhelmingly positive response to it, I decided to try to turn it into an original fic.  And when I took the first five pages of the newly edited draft to a writers conference, the editor said she was already shipping the two main characters – so here we are!

I started posting the revised Waiting Room up on Wattpad in June of 2018. At one point it reached #1 in the LGBT genre and currently has over 1 million reads!


Waiting Room has a lot of serious moments, so this soundtrack is very quiet and melancholy.

  • The 1975 – Me
  • Jeff Buckley – Hallelujah
  • Flyleaf – Circle
  • Carina Round – For Everything a Reason
  • Alice in Chains – Nutshell
  • Beck – Turn Away
  • Michael Stipe with Radiohead – Leave
  • Koda – Staying
  • Ben Howard – Oats in the Water


Draft 1 (Fanfiction Draft, complete, 105,747 words, March 2017): The original draft, posted on Archive of Our Own.

Draft 2 (First Final Draft, complete, 104,575 words, December 2017): Names altered, some scenes deleted. This draft is currently on Wattpad.

Draft 3 (Gutted Draft/Wattpad draft, complete, currently at 89,987 words, February 2019): Cutting out a lot of extra words and a few extraneous scenes.