website geekery

I added some pretty cool headers to the Wolven and Abandoned pages featuring elements from the cover art I created (similar to the current header, which features elements from the Seven Minutes to Midnight cover art).  I figured that each novel should have its own extraspecial header.  No need to play favorites with my newest novel.  So, hopefully soon, I will have headers for some of the other novels.  And maybe a cover for The Promise, which doesn’t even have its own page.  Such a sad, lonely, half-finished novel…

At some point, yes, I would like to add more actual content.  I have a deleted scene from Seven Minutes to Midnight, artwork for the Art Kids gallery, Art Kids deleted scenes (I thought I’d already put them up but obviously I haven’t – I had even scanned in the first paragraphs I wrote, handwritten), and a playlist for The Abandoned.  I would love to post up the first chapter of each novel or something too (obviously, not the ones I’m sending around to agents, but maybe some of the ones I’ve given up hope for).

But for now, I’m happy just adding html coding to make the underlines underneath links into hover-only underlines.

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