I’ve had quite a few ideas for series.  The Wolven is meant to be a trilogy, although I’ve rewritten the first novel three times and haven’t gotten around to more than a skeletal idea of the other two books.  So even though I had planned for Seven Minutes to Midnight to be a trilogy as well, or at least have a sequel, and I went so far as to write a variety of first lines and let my test readers decide which sequel they’d like (all of them picking the same one), I’ve had a hard time actually sitting down to write the actual sequel.

I had started a few pages, but it felt like I was rambling… so I did something I very rarely do.  I wrote an outline.  Not a very detailed one.  I just had to sit down and ask myself, Where is this story going?  Where am I going to end this?  Then I also had to think about subplots.  Most of the time I just sit down and I have an idea and I know how I want the story to end, and the subplots just come.  It’s much more difficult, however, when you’ve already got characters and backstory that needs to be explained somehow. 

It also doesn’t help when it’s finally sunny after weeks of rain!

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