New Year’s Resolutions

Since my resolution from 2009 didn’t work out (“get published”), I came up with a different – and more attainable – approach for 2010: “Get 100 rejections from agents and publishers.” The number 100 is not random, I went to a book signing for Laurie Faria Stolarz and she said Blue Is For Nightmares got rejected over 100 times before being accepted for publication by Flux. I only sent out 11 queries in 2009 (which was more than 2006-2008 combined). Clearly, these odds are not in my favor. But if I make my goal to be rejected 100 times, I have to send out at least 100 queries. It makes sense. Kind of.

In other news, I found out about this website hosted by HarperCollins, Authonomy. You can post a novel, read other people’s novels, make comments, and vote for your favorites. I’m not really sure how it works, but I decided to post Bethany Caleb up on the site. You can read it here (hopefully). I’ve already gotten a few positive comments, which is nice since I had given up on Bethany as being my “learning to write a novel” novel. Although probably Bethany went through more drafts and changed the most from first to last draft than any of my others.

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