keep on truckin’

So, a round-up of my publishing efforts thus far: 26 submissions sent, only 12 actual rejections. The rest have yet to respond (and some of them probably never will). I am on track as far as sending out submissions to get my 100 rejections, but lagging behind in getting the actual rejections!

I am trying not to get too hung up on. I’m at over 40,000 words in my work-in-progress, Hitchhikers, which at this point in my writing career, having done 4 Nanowrimos, is what I call the homeward stretch. It’s weird not to be writing it like I’m running a race, though. I can take my time, think about where I want things to go instead of having to scribble down the first thing that comes to mind. I think this novel is turning out better for that, but it also means it’s taking a lot longer than I’m used to.

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