in which i gush about the walking dead

I lost track of “The Walking Dead” for most of season 2.  It was just so different from the awesome graphic novels!  Andrea is taking much too long to become the gun-toting badass, and Carl killed Shane a long time ago.  All the talking… I was waiting for the non-stop action of the graphic novels to appear onscreen.  I was beginning to lose hope that my favorite Walking Dead character would ever show up.

Michonne in the graphic novels

Michonne is such a badass she makes Andrea (the original Andrea) look like a wuss. I mean, she carries a SWORD. Now, the Walking Dead season finale was action-packed, but I still wasn’t sure that it was going to continue following the arc of the graphic novels.

Then Michonne showed up!

Michonne on the TV series

I loved that they didn’t show her face.  I loved that she (and a lingering view of the prison) were the last things we saw on the finale.  Just hints of the awesomeness that is to come!

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