catchin’ some z’s

The other night I dreamt of zombies (not for the first time…).  In the first part of the dream, I was in a circular stairwell, and I was pouring baking soda on the zombies who were staggering up the stairs after me.  The baking soda was like an acid on their rotting skin.  It was especially effective on one zombie who had somehow had the top part of their skull cut off.  The baking soda really burned the shit out of its brain.  Later in the dream I was standing on a countertop, using a spoon to fling baking soda at the zombies with far less effectiveness.  I think this is because they were within grabbing distance of my ankles.

When I told the facilities manager at my work about this dream, he suggested that baking soda and sulfuric acid in balloons would cause some damage.  Since I barely passed chemistry (that C is a black mark on my high school transcript!), I googled it.  Apparently baking soda neutralizes sulfuric acid.  Which would make a mess, and would probably be more effective than baking soda in real life, but is probably not the best option for a real zombie apocalypse.

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