Camp Nanowrimo Fail, or What I’m Finally Writing After Not Writing for a Month

I had such high hopes for Camp.  I had a story I wanted to write, two writing buddies, it was going to be glorious!  Unfortunately, I only lasted 10 days at Camp Nanowrimo.  June is not a good writing month for me.  My birthday is during this month, for one, and I was still doing trapeze classes on Tuesday which left no time at all to write at least 1 day a week.  Plus I could not do any sneak writing at work, because I had to plan the summer reading program.  Alas.

The month being so busy, I never even got together with the writing buddies (Janina & Jen) until mid-July.  I began working on the apocalypse story, which was basically just reading what I’d already written and editing a little bit, and watching some videos on YouTube.  Sometimes I think what I write is really just a very detailed outline that I then need to add many more details to.  Along those veins, I recalled a story had begun during one of my teen writing club sessions at work.

The writing exercise was to write someone’s secret diary.  Basically, you had to show how keeping this secret was affecting their behavior.  I, of course, went to a dark place with that, and the 5 or so diary entries I’d written were really brief, but I hauled those two pages out and got to thinking.  I could do this.  I could turn this idea into a very short YA novel circa 1993.  I’m talking 30,000 words.  Then, as I began fleshing it out, I thought it’d be cool to put other stuff in the diary.  Receipts, photos, etc.  Evidence.  I wanted the diary not to be a confession, so she skirts around the issue of what actually happened, but the evidence could lead the reader to certain conclusions.  

I’m thinking this might be a very cool story to do as a blog.  I’m not sure if I could make it work, unless there’s a blog template that really looks like turning pages or a scrapbook… I’m going to write a little more of it, and consider a blog design.  If I do decide to head in this direction, I’ll be linking it up.

3 thoughts on “Camp Nanowrimo Fail, or What I’m Finally Writing After Not Writing for a Month

  1. janinamajeran says:

    Camp Nanowrimo was an fail, BUT, we kicked ass in November. We’re still recovering. Let’s go with that.

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