what i’ve been writing: The Horror Movie Drinking Game!

It may only be mid-September, but I am gearing up for Halloween!  I’ve been perfecting the Horror Movie Drinking Game I started last Halloween while watching a marathon of Friday the 13th movies.  This looks like a lot of things, and you’ll end up getting totally wasted, but I know not every one will be used in every movie, and isn’t the point of a drinking game to get drunk? Please comment with your suggestions if I’ve forgotten anything!

Drink anytime:

  • anyone gets killed
  • there is T&A, or a shower/bath scene
  • anyone has sex, drinks, or uses drugs – drink twice if done by teenagers
  • there is a chicken
  • there is a “fake-out” scare – drink twice if this involves a cat – drink three times if “it was just a dream”
  • the car doesn’t start, there’s a flat tire, etc.
  • someone’s phone doesn’t work
  • anyone says “I’ll be right back” or “Let’s split up”
  • when someone doesn’t turn on the lights when entering a dark room / the electricity goes out / the flashlight doesn’t work
  • there is a thunderstorm
  • there are inbred mountain people
  • Pagan deities, Salem witches, or Indian burial grounds are mentioned
  • the camera shows the killer’s perspective
  • the killer walks after a victim who is running
  • the victim trips when running from the killer
  • someone runs upstairs when running from the killer
  • someone jumps out of a window when running from the killer
  • the police arrive too late, are killed, or are related to the killer
  • the victim sees the killer standing behind them in a mirror
  • someone mistakes the killer as someone else
  • the killer isn’t really dead
  • anyone ends up in a mental hospital
  • there is an awful, outdated special effect
  • a character is wearing an awful, outdated fashion – you must be able to name it (e.g. shoulder pads, bell bottoms, pegged pants)

Drink when these horror movie character archetypes are identified:

  • The Final Girl/Guy (aka The Virgin)
  • The Slut (aka The Bitch)
  • The Jock
  • The Initial Sacrifice (e.g. the first person to die in the movie)
  • The Stoner (aka The Drunk, The Prankster, The Comic Relief)
  • The Nerd
  • The Token Minority
  • Mommy Dearest (the mom is a crazy nutball)
  • The Priest (any extremely religious character)

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