I’m not sure, but…

…is one hour of writing in the middle of a 3-hour “American Horror Story” marathon good?

Still working on Dreamwalkers, and I wrote about 1,000 words.  Janina was on a roll so I had to keep writing (instead of immediately turning on the next episode, my remote control finger was getting itchy) a little past the hour.

Oh, how I love this show and I can only desperately hope that the new season lives up to my unrealistic expectations.  Knowing all the secrets from Season 1 has made rewatching it pretty cool.  I love how all the storylines and character relationships are woven together.  I love how each person (and ghost) has their own psychological demons that influence their actions.  I can feel, in that mid-October way, that my Nanowrimo novel is going to be very much influenced by “American Horror Story.”

Except I think my story will be about the circus…

Also, sent out a few more queries today for Hitchhikers.

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