Of course I did.  After stressing about having to reconstruct the whole novel…

I thought I had already tried getting my Bethany Caleb off my old floppies last year, and all I had was an incomplete draft (draft 9).  But lo and behold, when I inserted the floppy this time, it told me the disk had to be formatted.  I said NO and was ready to give up.  But then the contents of the disk magically appeared on the screen!  And when I clicked on draft 9, the COMPLETE DRAFT APPEARED!!

Albeit, most of the draft was in some horrible decorative font, and there was about 50 pages of other crap at the end, but it was nothing a little copy and unformatted pasting into a new document couldn’t solve!  And in the end, I was able to publish said novel in its entirety on Kindle last night!!

So, without further ado…


Bethany Caleb cover

Here it is, my first novel!  Right now it is available in Kindle format only for a mere 99 cents.  I’ll be working on a paperback edition to be available in the near future!


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