rewriting what has already been written

After losing a good portion of the final draft of Bethany Caleb (I’ve got 27 pages of roughly 100), I’ve been attempting to reconstruct it… and it’s almost harder than writing it the first time.  I found a handwritten copy of Bethany’s school schedule, so I’ve been trying to piece together her one day at school from scenes in previous drafts that correspond to her schedule.  It’s all the transitions from one scene to another that will require the most work. And the ending, in which I’m fairly certain I came to a very different conclusion than I did in the original 8 or 9 drafts.

I’d probably be better off forgetting about my original final draft and just take this on like a wholly new venture.

I just have this feeling that as soon as I create a new final draft that I’m happy with, I will find the original final draft somehow.

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