freebie weekend, and hello from camp!

My two companions novels, Bethany Caleb and The Art Kids, will both be available for free this weekend, July 13-14!  (Of course, these are both always free for Amazon Prime members).  Also available are the print editions of both books.

scavengers ebook coverSo the long holiday weekend totally decimated my word count, but I am still writing at least.  I should be at around 15,000 words by the end of today and I am limping along at a little over 9,000.  I still think I will get a good chunk of Scavengers completed by the end of the month.  It helps that I’ve incorporated Camp Nanowrimo into my library summer reading programming, so I’m forced to do write-ins every Friday.  Last year, when I worked on Dreamwalkers during Camp Nanowrimo, I think I got maybe 10-11,000 words added.  (Note on the cover at right: This will not be the final cover of Scavengers, since when I tried to contact the owners of the various images used, I received no response… back to the drawing board…)

I think once I have complete drafts of both Dreamwalkers and Scavengers, I will publish Hitchhikers.  I may do it differently than I did for my first two self-published books.  I’m looking into Smashwords, since this allows more than just the Kindle platform (but includes the Kindle platform), and will also allow me a little more freedom in setting the price.  Createspace was kind of a pain in my ass, but I’ll probably still use it for print editions.  Kindle was so easy to publish with, I may still use KDP for publishing the Kindle edition.  Now if Janina would only finish reading that final draft of Hitchhikers

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