catching up

(and also a reminder: my two novels, Bethany Caleb and The Art Kids, are both free on Amazon all weekend!)

After the July 4th holiday kicked my ass, word-count-wise, I’m sorta back on track with Camp Nanowrimo.  At least, I wrote almost twice the daily recommended word count on Sunday, and have been able to write if not the 1,667 words each day, at least somewhere around 1,000.  So, that’s something.  While the stats page informs me that at this pace I’ll be finishing Scavengers around August 21st or so, I’m hopeful that I will get at least into the high 30Ks or low 40Ks by the end of camp.  Also, Janina took Hitchhikers on vacation and is finally now reading it!!  Maybe my dreams of self-publishing this series by the end of summer will come true!

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