horror movie playlists for every occasion!

When you’re pregnant:

  • Rosemary’s Baby – The classic “my unborn baby is the devil” movie
  • The Eye II (Gin Gwai 2) – This “sequel” about a pregnant woman who attempts suicide and gains the ability to see ghosts can stand on its own.
  • Grace – Her stillborn baby is born alive… and hungry for blood!
  • Inside – An insane French woman really, really wants Sarah’s unborn baby…

When you’re traveling abroad:

  • Hostel & Hostel II – Where the “ugly American” is killed for sport by the ultra-rich!
  • Turistas – Where tourists get their organs harvested!

When you’re going on a camping/canoe trip:

  • Deliverance – Be sure to bring your banjo!  Also, watch out for the inbred mountain people…
  • The Hills Have Eyes (2006) – Family in a camper gets stranded in the desert and discovers the inbred mountain people.
  • Wrong Turn (1-5): Group of friends head out into the wilderness and discover inbred mountain people.

When you’re going on a diet:

  • Hunger – what happens when you don’t eat
  • Feed – what happens when you eat too much

When you’re going on a snowboarding trip:

  • Frozen – You’ll never want to go on a chairlift again!

Do you have a special occasion coming up that is worthy of a horror movie marathon?  Leave a comment and I will find a horror movie or two to fit!

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