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8th consecutive Nanowrimo win!

2013-Winner-Square-ButtonThat’s right, folks.  I won Nanowrimo, this time a scant half hour before Janina!  I finished on November 28th and while I made it past the 50,000 word finish line, I’ve still got a little work to do to actually finish the story.  And surprisingly, I still WANT to finish the story!

I mentioned before that I chose to do Forever Young Adult‘s cover story challenge, which means that I based my novel off someone’s invented description of Lauren Barnholdt’s The Thing About the Truth based solely on the cover.  Of course, I had to “zombie-fy” the cover:


I was surprised that the story was as fun as it was to write.  Hopefully it’s as much fun to read!  I have posted the (slightly incomplete) draft up on Figment for your reading pleasure.

Glad it’s over so I can start on Christmas crafting, and also because I need to finish Dreamwalkers!

2 thoughts on “8th consecutive Nanowrimo win!

  1. Kate says:

    LOL – I’m not sure, since most of the time I chuck my Nanowrimo novels aside once I’m done! First I would put the novel aside for a month, then re-read it once you’re not so “in it.” I know during Nanowrimo you have to just pick a direction for the story, which might not be the direction you would have carefully chosen had you worked on it more slowly, so look for those places where you might have chosen hastily – you’ve probably learned a lot about your characters from that writing, but that doesn’t mean you have to keep those scenes in your novel…

    Editing is much harder than actually writing. Sometimes I like scenes so much that I want to keep them, even though they really don’t do anything for the story. Then again, I’ve also heard the advice that you should trust your inner writer and not make any edits unless an editor tells you to…

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