editingLook, see, I’m editing Dreamwalkers!  The TV is even off!  (Made possible due to the completion of my “Parks & Rec” marathon).

My goal is to complete editing by the end of this week.  Only 13 chapters to go!  And then another read-through!  And probably another round of editing… Editing is a lot more work than one might think.

2 thoughts on “editing

  1. Michelle Proulx says:

    Keep going!!!!!

    And yes, editing is crazy hard. I sent my book off to my editor (i.e., my mother), and I just heard from her that I’m going to need to revise the story. Again. AHHHHH!

  2. Kate says:

    Yeah, I keep going along and then notice an inconsistency and have to go back… second round of edits happening now…. But the end is near!

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