9th Nanowrimo win!

With only a few hours to spare, I made it past 50,000 words to win my 9th Nanowrimo.

By win, I just mean that I got to 50K.  I did not actually finish my novel, which is why Wayward Ghosts is still up under Works In Progress.  But I am pleased with its progression and maybe someday, after I finish writing Scavengers and the other prequel books for Wolf Point, I will return to it!

In other news, I had my first author appearance, in honor of New Hampshire Writers’ Week!  Granted, it was at the library where I work, and I shared the spotlight with 7 other authors, but still!  It was great to meet other authors, both traditionally published and self-published, and to hear about their writing process.  I also received some compliments on my cover designs!

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