31 Days of Halloween, Day 7: Lights Out

lights-out-2016There’s nothing more universally scary than the dark.  Here we’ve got a crackling shadow woman who is only visible in the darkness, which makes me wonder why THE HELL people are flicking the lights on and off to see her???  I’d turn the lights on, see that the shadow was gone, and LEAVE THE LIGHTS ON.  But this is a horror movie, so naturally the lights cannot remain on forever…

One of my major issues with horror movies is when they show the scary monster in full light, because nothing is as scary in full light as it is in the dark.  Lights Out manages to avoid this and it was extremely effective.  Effective enough to make me question why THE HELL I watched this movie right before bed (I’ll let you know tomorrow if I need a nightlight tonight).  The plot wasn’t anything super special, and I’m sure there are critiques because the whole story hinges on mental illness (the whole demonizing of those with mental illness thing), but the play with darkness and light and the variety of lights used, from lamps and overhead lights to candles, flashlights, phones, and a blacklight were the major “scary” factor of the movie.  And of course there are mannequins, because why the hell not have a shadowy room full of mannequins?

Do you like being scared of the dark?  Here are some more recommendations!

  • Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark (2010) – Creepy kid, check.  Weird shit in the shadows, check.  I thought there was a bit too much CGI in the end, but it was definitely creepy.
  • Insidious (2010) – I could use the same description as above, but this one kept the shadows that made the scary stuff so scary.
  • Mirrors (2008) – Shadows are a great place to hide, but mirrors are just as creepy and good at making you question what you’re seeing.
  • Session 9 (2001) – The coolest part of this movie, for me, was that it was filmed at the abandoned Danvers State Hospital before it was torn down.  This is more of a quiet horror movie, not a lot of jump scares, but more about a slow descent into madness.

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