31 Days of Halloween, Day 22: It’s Alive

220px-itsaliveposterWhew, where to begin with this one!  Firstly, this is one of those horror movies trying to tell you a message, and the message is, “Birth control pills are bad!”  Lenore is pregnant with her second child after years of taking contraceptives, but something is different this time!  The baby is a monster!

After the baby kills the doctors and nurses assisting in its birth, he flees the scene, and his father is horrified.  However, he receives this gem of advice from his boss: “You know O’Connors down in Accounting? He’s got a retarded kid. Insists on keeping him in the house, too. Nobody thinks a thing of that. Nobody blames him.”  Whoa.  That’s something you wouldn’t hear in a movie today.  Never mind that we never see a clear image of this hideously deformed child – apparently so monstrous that the doctor attempted to kill him at birth.  The father likens himself to Frankenstein (the doctor) and his baby as the monster.  I guess it’s mostly the fact that the baby kills that makes it such a monster?  But how would the delivering doctor come to the conclusion that he needed to kill the baby right away?  Before it had killed?  Troubling, to say the least.

You want more murderous babies?

  • The Brood (1979) – These murderous babies are the literal brain-children of a psychotic woman.
  • The Eye 2 (2004) – After a pregnant woman attempts suicide, she begins to see ghosts… and those ghosts have plans for her unborn child. [note: you do not have to watch the first Eye movie to understand this one, they are completely separate as far as I can tell]
  • Grace (2009) – When your baby would rather drink blood than breast milk, you know there’s something wrong.
  • Splice (2009) – A childless couple of scientists decide to make their own baby by splicing some genes.  The result is… special.

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