31 Days of Halloween, Day 27: The Fog (2005)

the-fog-2005-16361A rewatch for inspiring my upcoming Nanowrimo novel, which will involve mist and fog…

This movie is surprising less about fog and more about people catching on fire and turning into mummies and ice?  Apparently the fog is so cold it freezes people?  The fog kinda reminds me of the sandstorm in The Mummy movies, as it can turn into a face.  It can also suck people right out of windows, but closing the door will keep it out!

What’s scary about fog is what you can’t see.  Here’s what you can see in the fog: pirate ships, ghosts, an entire tableau of a horrific event that happened in this little coastal town a hundred years ago.

Personally, I like this remake better than the original, which I found kind of… boring – it’s more centered around the storyline involving the radio station. Maggie Grace’s character was not in the original movie, and it almost makes the radio station plotline with Selma Blair superfluous (although I will concede that Selma Blair is no Jamie Lee Curtis!).

Recommendation time:

  • The Mist (2007) – There’s some creepy shit in this fog, way creepier than anything in either of The Fog movies.  Big things.  Prehistoric things.
  • Pontypool (2008) – Really the only similarity here is that this movie takes place largely in a radio station, but this is a pretty creepy ass movie – if you watch any of the movies on this list, make this be the One.
  • Silent Hill (2006) – While the fog here isn’t what the characters are battling, it certainly marks the territory of Silent Hill and adds to the strange atmosphere.

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