Hitchhikers is featured on Wattpad!

Hitchhikers ebook cover 4Since Amazon changed things, I haven’t been able to list Hitchhikers as free – not a huge problem, since you can download the Kindle format of Hitchhikers for free over on Smashwords.  It isn’t exactly ideal, and because Hitchhikers is not exclusive to Kindle (I want people to be able to download whatever format they need!) I can’t offer it for a giveaway, either.

So, I decided to start posting it on Wattpad.

The werewolf category on Wattpad is huge, and full of those alpha/omega type paranormal romance novels, so Hitchhikers hasn’t been getting very many reads.

Lo and behold, Wattpad noticed, and told me they were going to feature Hitchhikers on a list called Undiscovered, For Now.

This is quite an honor!  Before, you could fill out a form to request that your book be featured on Wattpad, which is what I did with My Zombie Girlfriend.  Then they changed the system, so that the Wattpad team could choose the stories they believed were worthy.  It always feels good to know that someone out there thinks your writing has merit!

As of now, My Zombie Girlfriend has over 60K reads.  Poor Hitchhikers has just over 500 – hopefully this will start to change!  I’d love to get a bigger following for the Wolf Point series before I release book 4.

Which I am working on, I swear!  (right now, my word count is still under 10K…)  I’ve been pushing the release date back for about a year, and I think a realistic release date is May.

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