Nanowrimo 2018 Week 1 Update

Day 1: 1808 words

Got a little nervous because I got to chapter 2 in the first day.

Day 2: 1810 words

Day 3: 3301 words

Day 4: 3229 words

Doubled my word count on both weekend days!  I was amazed at how easy this was.  Of course, I had nice rainy weather and many uninterrupted hours to write in.

Day 5: 1870 words

Day 6: 1891 words

Day 7: 1840 words

Current Word Count: 15,749

That’s 4,083 above par (11,666)!  I’m very happy with my progress so far this Nanowrimo.  I did some planning, but all of my outlining was mostly done in my head.  For some reason I feel like if I write it down, it’s set in stone and it stifles me, or makes the novel less of a mystery I need to uncover.  However, thinking about this novel in terms of novel structure has made writing the first act very easy.

Of course, the beginning of a novel is always easier for me than the rest.  There are so many things to write about!  You have to describe your characters, describe your setting, get your plot set up.  It’s the middle where I start to have problems.

Today (Day 7) I got to the start of Act 2.  This is pretty much exactly where it should be, since I’m a bit ahead in terms of word count.  In page count terms, I’m around page 50.  And already I got a bit of a surprise.  I had a vision in my head of how the interaction between my main characters and a new character was supposed to go, and it’s quite different.  However, it had to be different to make sense in the story.

This main middle chunk was where I did the least amount of planning.  So, we shall see how the next two weeks go!


Slutty New Ideas: 1 

Inevitably, when I’m writing for Nanowrimo, lots of other writing ideas come to me.  BUT I CANNOT WORK ON THEM BECAUSE IT IS NANOWRIMO!  I wrote down my slutty new idea (based on a scene in Tower of Dawn by Sarah J. Maas, henceforth called Librarian Story).

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