Wednesday Writing Prompt #3: Random Words

This prompt is quite easy, and can be used for both fiction and poetry, for new writing or applied to something you’re currently working on.

Random words have endless possibilities. Sometimes the words will come together to give you an idea. Other times, you might already have an idea, and using the random words will challenge you to incorporate them. When I do this exercise, I find myself using more similes and metaphors.

The Prompt

Incorporate the following six words in a story or poem. That’s it!

  • abusive
  • charge
  • dusty
  • cellar
  • transport
  • raise

Creating your own random word prompt

Do the above words not get your creative juices flowing? You can make your own prompt!

Use an online random word generator to generate six words. (Analog version: open a dictionary to a random page and point to a word, six times). Then, try to put all six words into the piece you’re writing.

Here are a few random word generators online, with those I like best on top:

If you post the completed prompt on your blog, feel free to add a link in the comments! Happy writing!

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