31 Days of Halloween: artificial intelligence

31 days of Halloween, day 12: artificial intelligence

Okay, so these are not all about A.I. Some of these are more like “brain horror.” All are terrifying to think about.


Shadows by John Saul follows a child genius who is sent to a special school after a suicide attempt, only he soon figures out (because he’s a genius, duh) that something evil is happening at the Academy.

Brain by Robin Cook begins with a mysterious ailment plaguing young women, and ends with nefarious brain experiments. Technically this is more of a medical thriller than a horror novel…

The Stepford Wives by Ira Levin isn’t really about artificial intelligence so much as robots, but there is a real horror here in the idea that these women’s husbands would want a perfect wife more than their humanly flawed partners.


Ex-Machina (2014) is honestly the reason I made this whole list. The horror of A.I. in all its glory…

The Terminator II: Judgement Day (1991) is a perfect blend of action, sci-fi, and horror (you can’t tell me the T-1000, aka the Mercury Man, isn’t terrifying!). I watched this movie without having seen the first one and didn’t miss a thing.

Westworld (TV series, 2016-present) might be a bit of a cheat to put under “movies,” but it was based on a movie. The TV series, however, explores more about artificial intelligence and the point at which it all goes wrong.

Do you think humans would win against the robots? Discuss.

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