more writing soundtracks

I've added a few new playlists over at 8tracks: it was only tuesday - This is my writing playlist for Bethany Caleb. vampire mix - My reading playlist for Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles, which I also used as a writing playlist for Seven Minutes to Midnight and Blood Countess i will bathe in your blood … Continue reading more writing soundtracks

word count jealousy

For the past couple of weeks, my writing buddy and I have engaged in word count wars during out writing group sessions.  Both times, Janina won.  This past week it was by a much narrower margin but I don't like losing.  Especially when I've won Nanowrimo for the past 4 years and consider myself good … Continue reading word count jealousy

i’m a cliche… maybe

I found a nice list of one writer's top ten pet peeves about historical fiction.  Since I'm currently writing a historical fiction, I figured I'd see how cliched I was... #1: 21st century attitudes in historical characters: GUILTY The narrator of The Blood Countess, Ilona, is a pretty modern girl.  She questions things.  She likes to … Continue reading i’m a cliche… maybe