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resolutions for the new year

It’s been a few years since I made a real New Year’s resolution. Mostly, that’s because resolutions don’t usually work. You stick with it for a few months, then forget about it.

In 2019, however, I have some goals for myself and I think setting some resolutions, and telling other people about it, will help me get them accomplished.

Blog Resolutions

#1: I will do a Writer Wednesday blog post twice a month.

I’d like to post more writing-related content on my blog, things like:

  • writer advice
  • writing prompts
  • updates on my writing/publishing journey

I’m open to any suggestions of other writerly content I could offer.

#2: I will participate in a group blog.

This one is already in the works, and I’ll let you know once it begins happening!

Writing Resolutions

#1: I will send out 4 queries a month.

A number of years ago, I made a resolution to get 100 rejections. This time, I want to focus on sending out really polished query letters and clean manuscripts.

I’ll be focusing my attentions on Waiting Room, until I revise a few of my others.

#2: Revise The Victim’s Ball

I have some big ideas for changes I want to make to this manuscript. Maybe this is more of a writing goal than a resolution? I keep writing and never revising so maybe a resolution is in order.

#3: Finish The Blood Countess

I recently bought several books so I could do some more research, and I think I’ll be using a Camp Nanowrimo to complete this draft, which is somewhere around 40K words.

#4: Finish We Live in the Dark

My 2018 Nanowrimo novel is in pieces, and my goal is to slowly revise it and finish it as I post it weekly over on Wattpad.

SO YEAH. Six resolutions! Stay tuned for updates on each of these to know if I manage to follow through.

Have you made any writing-related resolutions for 2019? Tell me about them in the comments!

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