Cheerleaders in YA Horror

Cheerleaders have been representing the "mean girl" since before the term was coined.  While during the 80s teen literature was full of the popular girls and the girls who wanted to be popular - think Sweet Valley High and the "Cheerleaders" series - once teen horror blew up in the late 80s and early 90s, cheerleaders … Continue reading Cheerleaders in YA Horror

I’ll Never Go Away print edition on sale now!

You can buy the print version of I'll Never Go Away now on Amazon!  The Kindle format is also available. I'll hopefully be receiving my contributor's copy soon so I can read it 🙂 In other news, I'm thinking of posting some of my old short stories, the really embarrassing ones I wrote back in … Continue reading I’ll Never Go Away print edition on sale now!

Review: Gimme a Kiss

Gimme a Kiss by Christopher Pike The short plot: Jane vows revenge when she finds that the last page of her diary has been photocopied and passed around the school. What was Jane's secret? Why would she feel the need to go so far as murder? I couldn't remember. So.... SPOILERS! Jane's big bad secret … Continue reading Review: Gimme a Kiss

more sewing than writing…

As I suspected I spent more of my weekend sewing the valance curtains for my kitchen windows than I did writing.  I did some outlining though - does that count? I did, however, get down to the library on Saturday, where I found that the Nashua Public Library's teen section had a large collection of Christopher … Continue reading more sewing than writing…