I’ll Never Go Away print edition on sale now!

You can buy the print version of I’ll Never Go Away now on Amazon!  The Kindle format is also available.

I’ll hopefully be receiving my contributor’s copy soon so I can read it 🙂

In other news, I’m thinking of posting some of my old short stories, the really embarrassing ones I wrote back in high school.  There’s this one series called Mistaken Identity that I reread recently and it’s pretty hilarious and completely influenced by Christopher Pike… I’m looking into how to make my own ebook so people can download to their ereaders and it’ll look like a real ebook (but it would be free!).  I’m considering posting them as PDFs on Scribd.  First, however, I’d have to design some awesomely craptastic covers!  I’m thinking lots of broken mirrors and fragmented faces…

3 thoughts on “I’ll Never Go Away print edition on sale now!

  1. William Andre Sanders says:

    I am also a contributor to the I’ll Never Go Away anthology, and I’m just wondering if you’ve received your copy yet. I haven’t yet got mine in the mail, and I’m anxious to see what treat Rainstorm Press has put together.

    Happy writing,

    William Andre Sanders

      • William Andre Sanders says:

        He may have said mid-may, I’m not too sure. All I can say is the anticipation is killin’ me, lol! It’s like you get a thrill whenever something gets accepted, then you’re thrown even farther in limbo while waiting for the result of your efforts … if that makes sense.

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