wallpaper… and not wallpaper

Ten rejections into my New Year’s Resolution and an agent asked to see the full manuscript! I had only just started wallpapering with my rejections. I am not deluded; I know that I may yet be rejected again, and this one might hurt more. But at least I know my query letter isn’t a total failure. All week I’ve been scrambling around getting my manuscript submission together so I can send it out before I head off to Jamaica for a week!

Most of my queries thus far have been for The Abandoned, but I did enter Seven Minutes to Midnight in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest again. I’m hoping that this year it will have a better chance since there is now a young adult novel category, but I must confess that the major reason I submitted to the contest again was for the (slight) chance that the freaking awesome Sarah Dessen will read it. Yes, she’s one of the judges. Of course, it will have to make it through the first round, which will cut about 80% of entries. Then the next round, which will cut 75% of those entries. Then hope that my novel will be of the top 20% of THOSE entries. And then hope I’m one of the top 6. Those percentages aren’t exactly in my favor, but a girl can dream…

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