writing is hard.

There are so many distractions... so many things to see on the interwebs... I am watching Janina type away and maybe she's thinks I'm writing too, but I'm not working on my novel like I should be... Today I read this article about authors who self-publish ebooks and are actually able to make a living … Continue reading writing is hard.

long time no write

I've been under the radar recently... not doing much writing (unless you count working on character family trees?).  Since Hitchhikers didn't make it through to the next round, I sent it out to several agents and a) got 2 rejections ON MY BIRTHDAY and b) had 2 agents request the manuscript on the day after … Continue reading long time no write

excerpt time

Finally you can read the excerpt from Hitchhikers on the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award site. However, first you'll have to download the Kindle app (for PC, Mac, iPhone, etc.)  Then, from the ABNA home site, look on the left hand column and you'll see the different categories of the Quarterfinalist entries - my category is … Continue reading excerpt time


After desperately refreshing the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award homepage all morning, FINALLY the quarterfinalists were revealed shortly after noon!  And after bracing myself for NOT seeing my name on the list, THERE IT WAS!!!! That's right, I made it to the next round!  I was so excited I almost ran across the library to tell … Continue reading *yay*yay*yay*

i made the cut!

Last month I entered the Amazon.com Breakthrough Novel Award (ABNA) with Hitchhikers. On Thursday they posted the list of those who had made the first cut, from 10,000 entries down to 2,000 (1,000 each in two categories, adult & YA). It took me a while to scroll down to the S's, where I discovered my … Continue reading i made the cut!

wallpaper… and not wallpaper

Ten rejections into my New Year's Resolution and an agent asked to see the full manuscript! I had only just started wallpapering with my rejections. I am not deluded; I know that I may yet be rejected again, and this one might hurt more. But at least I know my query letter isn't a total … Continue reading wallpaper… and not wallpaper