the weather is too nice for writing…

It must be the weather. Either that, or I’m so close to finishing Hitchhikers that I’m delaying it. It’s hard to end something I’ve worked on for so long… unlike during Nanowrimo, when I am usually so ready to finish it and put it away and not look at it for a few months. I like Daniel, the main character and I ended up with a new character now towards the end. I’m up over 50,000 words and I feel like it will be at least another 10,000 to finish off the story. In my head I’m already dreaming up a sequel from Kayla’s point of view, called Dreamwalkers. But I will not allow myself to write a single word of it until Hitchhikers is finished! (I might allow myself to work on a short story. BUT THAT IS IT).

In other news, I finally finished a short story, “Seventh Son,” and submitted it to one of the anthologies over at Pill Hill Press. They have a lot of interesting anthologies over there, so if you are a writer of horror, fantasy, or sci-fi it might be a good market for you. I also got a request from an agent to see more of the manuscript for Seven Minutes to Midnight, so I’ve been hoping and waiting to hear back… I’d just like to hear SOMETHING back, because the number of rejections on my wall is far less than the number of queries I’ve sent out, because so many agents only respond if they’re interested. How am I supposed to get to 100 rejections that way? I should probably focus on the snail mail only agents, as they seem more likely to respond.

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