recharging the creative batteries

I haven't been doing much writing lately.  I find it hard to write when it's so hot outside (I only have AC in my living room).  My writing seems to have a circadian flow, producing a lot of new writing in the spring and fall, and recharging in the summer and winter. Sometimes recharging can … Continue reading recharging the creative batteries

i’ve been such a slacker…

Since I proudly completed my Camp Nanowrimo goal back at the end of May, I've written maybe 5 sentences? Summer really makes me a slacker.  There's so much to do!  It's too nice out to be inside!  I keep opening up my "Beast of Gevaudan" word document and staring at where I left it at … Continue reading i’ve been such a slacker…

Camp Nanowrimo, here I come! (again…)

So I'm off to camp again.  Last year was not a very successful venture, although I did get several thousand words written in Dreamwalkers. Since I've been having some difficulty getting myself writing as of late, I figured this is something I might need.  Plus, I am going to offer this as part of the … Continue reading Camp Nanowrimo, here I come! (again…)

Nanowrimo 2012: Week 1 Update

Word Count: slightly ahead of target Janina's word count prowess has her in the lead, but we'll see if she has the longevity! I have already hit one point where I wasn't sure where the hell my story was going and even contemplated scrapping what I had so far (roughly 5-8,000 words at that point) … Continue reading Nanowrimo 2012: Week 1 Update

The Hunger Games: distraction or inspiration?

I went to the midnight showing of "The Hunger Games" Thursday/Friday... then on Friday night, Janina was going to see the movie again so I was left to my own devices, none of which included writing.  I shouldn't be so harsh on myself; I did do some research on literary agents, etc.  Put together some … Continue reading The Hunger Games: distraction or inspiration?


Recently I read the novel Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs, which is just such a cool book that I've been telling everyone about it.  Basically, the author took a bunch of weird old photographs and wrote a story around them.  He certainly had some really, really weird photos, from people who … Continue reading inspiration!