i’ve been such a slacker…

Since I proudly completed my Camp Nanowrimo goal back at the end of May, I've written maybe 5 sentences? Summer really makes me a slacker.  There's so much to do!  It's too nice out to be inside!  I keep opening up my "Beast of Gevaudan" word document and staring at where I left it at … Continue reading i’ve been such a slacker…

Camp Nanowrimo, here I come! (again…)

So I'm off to camp again.  Last year was not a very successful venture, although I did get several thousand words written in Dreamwalkers. Since I've been having some difficulty getting myself writing as of late, I figured this is something I might need.  Plus, I am going to offer this as part of the … Continue reading Camp Nanowrimo, here I come! (again…)

Nanowrimo 2012: Week 1 Update

Word Count: slightly ahead of target Janina's word count prowess has her in the lead, but we'll see if she has the longevity! I have already hit one point where I wasn't sure where the hell my story was going and even contemplated scrapping what I had so far (roughly 5-8,000 words at that point) … Continue reading Nanowrimo 2012: Week 1 Update

The Hunger Games: distraction or inspiration?

I went to the midnight showing of "The Hunger Games" Thursday/Friday... then on Friday night, Janina was going to see the movie again so I was left to my own devices, none of which included writing.  I shouldn't be so harsh on myself; I did do some research on literary agents, etc.  Put together some … Continue reading The Hunger Games: distraction or inspiration?


Recently I read the novel Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs, which is just such a cool book that I've been telling everyone about it.  Basically, the author took a bunch of weird old photographs and wrote a story around them.  He certainly had some really, really weird photos, from people who … Continue reading inspiration!

long time no write

I've been under the radar recently... not doing much writing (unless you count working on character family trees?).  Since Hitchhikers didn't make it through to the next round, I sent it out to several agents and a) got 2 rejections ON MY BIRTHDAY and b) had 2 agents request the manuscript on the day after … Continue reading long time no write