excerpt time

Finally you can read the excerpt from Hitchhikers on the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award site. However, first you’ll have to download the Kindle app (for PC, Mac, iPhone, etc.)  Then, from the ABNA home site, look on the left hand column and you’ll see the different categories of the Quarterfinalist entries – my category is Young Adult, and my entry is on page 8 or so… OR you can just go directly to Hitchhikers.

If you do end up downloading Hitchhikers, and you liked it, I would be eternally grateful if you were to either hit the “like” button on the Hitchhikers Amazon page (so easy!), or if you’re feeling really generous, write an awesome review!  Side note: if you read it and hate it, I would be eternally grateful if you do nothing.  I will warn you in advance, the story is meant for older teens, there is strong language and it’s gory.

This second round meant that my excerpt was read and reviewed by two Amazon Vine reviewers.  The first reviewer called it “…horrifying yet morbidly fascinating” and said, “Hitchhikers has given that ‘hook’ that will draw readers in.”  The second reviewer summed it up by saying it had an “[a]bsolutely fascinating plot.”  While I heard some contestants received some very negative reviews (and pretty unprofessional ones at that), I was very pleased with my two reviews and I feel pretty lucky that my baby didn’t get skewered (especially considering my concerns about typos).  Yeah, so if you download and read Hitchhikers, try to ignore those… 🙂

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