Television as inspiration

Most of the time, TV is a huge distraction for my writing.  But other times, television can inspire action.
I usually end up sitting at my sewing machine when I watch “Project Runway.”  It’s something about those designers sewing an entire outfit in a matter of hours that makes me feel guilty about that dress I started sewing last year and never finished…  If not sewing, I’ll usually end up knitting or doing some other crafty thing while I watch.

Some people I know say that watching “Hoarders” makes them feel like their mess of a house isn’t so bad.  But “Hoarders” drives me to get up and start cleaning.  I find myself getting up and putting stuff away, vacuuming, and organizing…

Such a guilty pleasure to watch… I will attempt to justify my obsession with “Dance Moms” by saying that I watch it for the dancing, not the moms.  I’m usually inspired to do my stretching routine while I watch those 8-13-year-old girls do stuff usually seen in Cirque du Soleil.

So there are 3 shows that inspire me to Do Something.  Now, they need to create a show that will inspire me to write… It would have to be something boring so I could concentrate on writing.  Like a white screen with some cool music playing…

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