inspirations: wolf point

I talk a little about my inspiration for the first book in the Wolf Point series over on the Hitchhikers page, but as I continue the series I feel the need to talk about an inspiration that has actually helped me to build the world of the Wolf Point series. One day, I was looking … Continue reading inspirations: wolf point

the Possession Story formula

This week I am examining the common formula for a story about demon possession, using the following 5 movies:     Start with a young woman, just hitting puberty. The Exorcist: Regan is a 12-year-old girl The Exorcism of Emily Rose: Emily is college-aged young woman The Last Exorcism: Nell is a teenage girl The Possession: … Continue reading the Possession Story formula

Television as inspiration

Most of the time, TV is a huge distraction for my writing.  But other times, television can inspire action. I usually end up sitting at my sewing machine when I watch "Project Runway."  It's something about those designers sewing an entire outfit in a matter of hours that makes me feel guilty about that dress … Continue reading Television as inspiration

The Hunger Games: distraction or inspiration?

I went to the midnight showing of "The Hunger Games" Thursday/Friday... then on Friday night, Janina was going to see the movie again so I was left to my own devices, none of which included writing.  I shouldn't be so harsh on myself; I did do some research on literary agents, etc.  Put together some … Continue reading The Hunger Games: distraction or inspiration?

and so it begins…

It's November 2nd, which means Nanowrimo has started again!  Yesterday I managed over 1,900 words and my goal for tonight is to get to 3,500 before American Horror Story comes on. My novel this November is called "Cabin Fever."  Up until about Oct. 25th I had no idea what I was going to write about, so I went over … Continue reading and so it begins…

back to the beginning

Recently I've been doing a lot of editing as a Goodreads librarian.  I started by adding book covers to all the novels on my shelves that were missing covers, which led me to find some of the missing covers to my favorite middle school series like Sleepover Friends on the blog Cliquey Pizza.  Looking through … Continue reading back to the beginning